Sprechstunde Musikwirtschaft “Awarenessarbeit im Eventmanagement: Wie können wir sicherer Orte schaffen?”

How to make clubs, bars, music venues etc. a safer place where everyone feels more comfortable as an actor in the night culture, we worked out together with Johanna Bauhus (Safe the Dance; Ladies&Ladys Label) in the consultation session “Awareness work in event management: How can we create safer places?” on Thursday, 27 October from 10 am.

Sprechstunde Musikwirtschaft “Parenthood in Music”

Long and irregular working hours, touring, and insecure working conditions – working in the music industry is often difficult to reconcile with family life. Parenthood is still one of the main reasons for inequality in the workplace and often leads to mothers and single parents not holding management positions or changing the industry. In the Music Industry Talk Hour “Family-Friendly Companies – Improving Working Conditions for Parents” on Thursday, 29.09. from 10.00 a.m., Marit Posch and Steffi von Kannemann (Parenthood in Music) talked about how we can make the music industry more family-friendly – and thus also contribute to the attractiveness of jobs.

Job Offer: Projectcoordinator / Event manager (f/m/d) for MW:M Live Showcase festival (freelance) from now on

Berlin Music Commission sucht Community Manager*in (m/w/d) ab sofort

Consulation Music Business “Stress management in everyday working life”

How can we learn to manage stress better? And how do we actually recognize when it’s too much? These were the questions we addressed in the online music industry talk “Coping with Stress in the Workday” on Thursday, June 30, starting at 10 a.m. with Michael Wecker (MiM – Mental Health in Music).

Senior A&R (m/f/d) Wagram Stories Berlin

The German subsidiary of Wagram Music is looking for a Senior A&R (m/f/d) in full-time.

listen to berlin: Awards 2020: These are the winners!

At least in Berlin Election night ensured clear results and only brought up winners: For the fifth time, the listen to berlin: Awards were presented on Tuesday evening in the Alte Münze honouring the most courageous ideas and most innovative players in nine categories. The Berlin Senate and the Musicboard Berlin received a special award […]

listen to berlin: Awards 2020: These are the nominees

Check out who made it into the top 3 per award category.

MW:M Live presents 24 newcomers

Just like the conference, Berlin’s music showcase event MW:M Live is embracing hybridity. It will take place on Thursday, 5th November 2020, both online on the net, and offline in the historic venue Alte Münze Berlin. The event is open to selected industry guests and additionally, fans will be able to watch the concerts online. Via our virtual event platform, […]