Everything connects in the business HQ. This is where the BMC directors sit. Supported by the board of trustees and supervisory board, this is where projects are conceptualised, events planned and day-to-day business optimised.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees acts as a creative and advisory body.

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board controls and determines the activities of the Management Board.

Expert-Group Event Industry

The Berlin event industry section of the Berlin Music Commission (BMC) is an association of event companies from all sectors that actively participates in current political events and represents the concerns of Berlin’s music and culture industry.

Working Group Sustainability

In cooperation with the Senate of Economics, various members of the Berlin Music Commission have brought together a group of representatives from the fields of business, events and education in 2019 and formed a Sustainability Working Group, which will pursue the topic in the long term.