We connect, support and represent actors from all areas of the Berlin music industry.

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Personal and professional networks are the key to success – especially in the music industry. We connect actors and potential partners, in order to promote an open and sustainable music industry that works together, rather than against each other.

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With our multi-project portfolio of workshops, consultations, music tech labs, networking events and working groups, we offer spaces for knowledge transfer, B2B networking, critical discussion and creative solutions. At Berlin’s leading music business conference Most Wanted: Music, and in the “Centre of excellence for the Music Industry”, we address topics such as digitalisation, new work, sustainable action and diversity to make the music industry ready for the challenges ahead.


Positioned at the meeting point of politics, the music industry and the public realm, we are engaged not only in the entrepreneurial interests of our members but also the socio-political development of the city. We are the mouthpiece for politics and other industry sectors and represent the Berlin music industry in various state and national committees and associations.

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Every year our international programme sends “Music Ambassadors” around the world to promote Berlin as a musical destination. These create sustainable networks and open up new markets.

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Culture and creativity are the basis for a flourishing economy and a motor for society’s development. With the compilation series” Listen to Berlin” and the “Listen to Berlin: Awards” we offer a platform for innovative musicians and actors in the Berlin music and creative branches to add value to the cultural and musical diversity of the capital.

As the sponsor of the musicBwomen network for music women *, we are committed to structural change in, and beyond, the industry.