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With TRANSFORM MUSIC, the Berlin Music Commission and the State Music Council Berlin illuminate the future and current developments in the digital sector, always at the interface between music and technology. The aim is to network pioneers and thought leaders, makers and visionaries from both disciplines – technology and music – in a sustainable manner, to encourage them to undertake joint projects and to share their experiences openly and collectively.

We would like to take into account the current developments caused by COVID-19 by providing musicians, organisers and everyone connected to the Berlin music scene with information with which they can digitalise their activities. The main focus is on the following 3 subject areas:




The concept: The corona pandemic has presented society, politics, the economy, and ultimately each and every one of us, with unforeseen, and so far unsolved, challenges. This also applies to the creatives in the music and event industry. Digital transformation is taking place at breakneck speed and it is becoming increasingly clear that the comprehensive (and so far postponed) digitalisation and virtualisation of the music industry will not only be a temporary emergency solution in times of crisis, but actually offers great potential for musicians and the event industry as a whole. It’s time to shed your shyness.

Initially, the website will start with the general summary content, but as new thematic articles, practical experience reports and new solutions are continuously being added, the site will very quickly become a central point of contact for all topics connecting the musical and digital worlds. To stay up to date, sign up for the newsletter at

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