The Sustainability Knowledge Hub project promotes sustainable development in the German music industry through workshops, expert sessions, climate assessments and webinars.


Short Description:
The “Sustainability Knowledge Hub” project is an initiative of the Berlin Music Commission, funded by Initiative Musik. It aims to create a real-time lab for sustainable development within the German music industry. Our activities include workshops, expert sessions, comprehensive sustainability analyses, and regular webinars that aim to promote knowledge sharing and implement practical sustainability measures.

Main Elements of the Project:

Key Activities:

  • Needs Assessment: Through personal interviews and surveys.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Conducting information sessions and intensive workshops, establishing an online library that will collect the results and shared knowledge.
  • Application: Monitoring and evaluation of carbon footprint for Most Wanted: Music (MW:M) since 2022.
  • Sustainability Working Group: The BMC and its Sustainability Working Group (ak:n) organise webinars every two months with experts on various sustainability topics. These regular events serve as a platform for exchanging best practices and the latest insights in the field of sustainability.

Special Offers:

  • Webinars: 3 sessions of 1.5 – 2 hours each with experts and up to 15 participants.
  • Intensive Workshops: 3 workshops lasting 3-5 hours in smaller groups, with a certification .
  • Expert Onepager: Results of the sessions are summarised and published in an online library.

Most Wanted: Music 2024:

  • Venue and Date: 13th and 14th November 2024 at Soda Club (Kulturbrauerei), Berlin.
  • Key Details: Various stages and networking areas, 50 speakers, and 500 participants.
  • Programme: Curated sessions on topics from all sustainability dimensions over two days.
  • Content: Two days filled with workshops, expert sessions, and discussions on the ecological, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability.
  • Goal: Creation of a sustainability hub, exchange of experiences, inspiration, and solutions.

Carbon Footprint:

  • Goal: To communicate sustainability topics externally and provide a guideline “Carbon Footprint for Music Companies” freely available to the industry.

We look forward to making a significant contribution to sustainability in the music industry through this comprehensive approach. Our activities are specifically designed to promote sustainable practices, meet educational needs, and build a strong network of professionals and different stakeholders.

Contact details: 

Project manager: Eva Balaban (

Project support: Dr. Birte Jung (

Project Timeline:

  • Project Start: January 1, 2024
  • March – August: Conducting interviews and surveys targeting different representatives of the German music industry
  • September – November: Organising webinars and workshops
  • November 13-14: Most Wanted: Music convention 2024
  • November – December: Development of the “Practical Guide to Carbon Footprint”
  • Project End: December 31, 2024

Funded by:

Initative Musik
Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien