BACH Technology, the company behind MusicDNA™ Radio, was founded in 2007 and has since then established subsidiaries in Norway, Germany and China.

The MusicDNA™ Radio Monitoring Service is designed to be affordable for everyone – including smaller/independent labels, publishers, promotion agencies and artist management companies. It is an important tool for any member of the music business who wants first hand information about an artists airplay. MusicDNA™ Radio is currently monitoring over 17.400 radio stations globally, with around 4.500 radio stations in Europe.

Since MusicDNA™ Radio is the official provider of the German Airplay Charts for the German IFPI, it offers some bonus features for the German music industry including detailed airplay data on all the songs which comprise the charts (Top 300 Airplay, Trend Charts 500).

MusicDNA™ Radio enables the user to spot trends, react quickly and grab opportunities as they unfold. You can observe international airplay developing as a result of a promotional campaign and quickly decide which new markets are best to target. The information drawn from our data will quickly help you increase your audience at home or in other countries. You can personally manage your account and enjoy a range of special visual features including graphs, tables, maps or download an excel spreadsheet format. You can focus on individual tracks, dates and sort by region, country, or even city.

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