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Your contact for events ‐ as organiser or dealer

We are creative spirits, structured logisticians, administrative strategists and conscientious number crunchers.

But above all, we are people who, even after years in the event business, still throw ourselves into organising events with passion, drive, joy and amazement.
Art as godfather in the founding of Ketering

The arts of “theatre” and “culinary arts” were the godfathers

when a team of actors and chefs combined their skills in organising events in 1998. Since then, we have been inspiring people with quality, sustainability and innovation in pairing with pleasure!
We work with a core team of contact persons who can be reached quickly and a reliable network of experts.

In order for a large event to be great, many interfaces have to mesh smoothly.

Anyone who works in the event business knows the saying “the devil is in the detail”. And certainly also the following wisdom: “There is nothing that does not exist”. We often hear ourselves saying: “You had to come up with that idea first”. Do you recognise yourself? Welcome to event management.

Exactly, because so many interfaces and technical requirements have to be taken into account, we put our heart and soul and passion into every event. That’s exactly why Day X always fills us with such joy. We put this wonderful energy, which comes back to us from the people, into the next event ‐ admittedly, alongside our growing treasure trove of experience, of things that actually do exist!

Event Management

‐ Dealer support
‐ catering
‐ Backstage
‐ Admission
‐ security
‐ Facility Management

Event conception

‐ location
‐ plans
‐ Procedures
‐ hostesses
‐ VIP area / tents


‐ Authorities
‐ Soundproofing
‐ Fire Protection
‐ Sanitation
‐ Emergency service
‐ Safety concept
‐ Cleaning service
‐ Waste disposal
‐ Residents

Technology & Project Management

‐ Water supply ‐ Electricity
‐ Sound
‐ lighting
‐ Construction & dismantling
‐ Stage construction / technology

Numbers and future

‐ Accounting
‐ finances
‐ Financing
‐ Deposits
‐ Contacts

Event Marketing

‐ Flyers
‐ posters
‐ plans
‐ Signposting systems/ signs
‐ printing
‐ cooperations

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