ASK HELMUT is a digital guide for cultural events in the city. Or even a digital city magazine. We want to make it as easy as possible for people to leave the sofa and get inspired by new artists and places. That’s why we recommend the best events in Berlin.

For us, the essence of a great evening: just get in, go on an adventure, meet new people and have a lot of unexpected fun.
That’s exactly what artists and the whole creative gang that makes cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich so livable give us – in live concerts, fantastic films, in exhibitions and on stage.

Despite the enormous offer, it is not so easy to find these great experiences. To make sure you don’t miss out on these magical, inspiring moments, we founded ASK HELMUT and recommend the best events in the city every day.

In March 2020, we co-founded the streaming platform Dringeblieben with Rausgegangen (our sister company). We are not a concert, theater or cinema substitute. With dringeblieben, we aim to entertain people digitally, to be a methadone program in times of isolation and cultural quarantine. We believe that solidarity keeps us together in times of crisis. That’s why people can buy a support ticket for every stream on dringeblieben. This will support the artist, the venue and our platform.

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