Headquarter Entertainment


Hawnay Troof


Headquarter Entertainment opened it’s doors in June, 1997.

During the last few years we have organized tours throughout the whole world. Working as local promoters in Berlin, amongst other things. In 2005 we organized more than 300 shows.

We look for quality and authenticity in our music. Artistic concepts that lead to long-term working relationships, is what we’re most interested in. In the last few years we have had the honour of participating within a worldwide network of labels, agencies, journalists and artists, who believe that music is more than just a product on the market within a global frame.

We are also really proud to announce that only recently we have teamed up with a partner agency in the USA – which is the Kork Agency from Oakland (CA).

Headquarter Entertainment
Gerichtstr. 35
13347 Berlin

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