Hochschule Macromedia, University of Applied Sciences


Macromedia University is a government-accredited private university with campus situated in Germany’s media hubs Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin. About 80 professors and 2,000 students make Macromedia University a leading German university for vocational programs in management, media management, journalism, communication design as well as film and television. More than 30 specialized courses taught in German as well as in English language prepare students for the rapidly changing work environment of the so called industry 4.0.

Academic education at Macromedia centres around the idea of training students at the highest professional level while giving them individual support in their personal development. Besides a common set of methodological skills, each track of studies focuses on the specific practices of each industry. Throughout their studies students carry out practical projects, usually in cooperation with external business partners. In addition, undergraduate students have the chance to intensify the practical experience during a six-months internship and to spend an entire semester abroad at one of Macromedia’s international partner universities.

Hochschule Macromedia, University of Applied Science
M33 Höfe / Mehringdamm 33
10961 Berlin

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