Consulation Music Business “Stress management in everyday working life”

How can we learn to manage stress better? And how do we actually recognize when it’s too much? These were the questions we addressed in the online music industry talk “Coping with Stress in the Workday” on Thursday, June 30, starting at 10 a.m. with Michael Wecker (MiM – Mental Health in Music).

Consultation hour “Funding 2022 – Exchange round for applicants”

Consultation hour “Funding 2022 – Exchange round for applicants”. The “Consultation Hour Music Industries” is an open network format for exchange, consultation and problem analysis. With the support of experts, support and know-how for concrete questions and topics are offered in a small circle of participants at regular events. Your input was needed! On Thursday, […]

Shortage of skilled workers in the creative industries – nxtB:now on 22.03.22

After years of growth, the creative industries are currently experiencing a significant shortage of skilled workers – triggered primarily by the Corona crisis. The music and events industry in particular has experienced a large exodus of workers over the past two years due to the pandemic.

Sprechstunde “Diversity in the Music Business”

Most Wanted: Head of Marketing (freelance)

listen to berlin: Awards 2021 – Aftermovie

Zum sechsten Mal wurden am 26. Oktober die listen to berlin: Awards im Kesselhaus der Kulturbrauerei verliehen. Hier ist das Aftermovie.

Corona Consultation “Touring in Europa during COVID-19”

In this Corona Consultation on 6 December 2021, Sebastian Hoffmann gave an insight into the topic of “Tours in Europe (Entering Germany from a non-EU country, EU digital certificate, 2G at events).

Music Ambassodor – Market Insights: Czech Republic

Music Ambassador – Market Insights: Czech Republic

MW:M Live 2021: Back to live with 15 artists, three venues, and one highly influential music industry audience

MW:M Live 2021 is the third iteration of Most Wanted: Music’s showcase event, where 15 bands and solo artists from Europe will present themselves to a top-class professional audience. The artists are selected from across Germany – with a special focus on the federal state of Niedersachsen – as well as Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Belgium.