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Consultation Music Business: “(Ac)counting on you – Buchhaltung und Rechnungswesen”

In the consultation session on 13.08.2020, Daniela Luerssen (Freelance Accountant) answered general accounting questions with a focus on correct invoicing and the reduced sales tax (since 1 July).

listen to berlin: Awards 2020 livestream!

The listen to berlin: Awards 2020 give the music and live music industry back its long-awaited limelight, thus honoring an industry that knows how to face the crisis with a great deal of creativity and courage. This year, all those players who have acted individually, strongly and visionary in times of the COVID-19 pandemic will […]

Consultation Music Business: “Trendmedium Podcast – How to make yourself heard”

In the consultation session “Trendmedium Podcast: How you make yourself heard” on 09.07.2020, the speakers Tim Thaler and Victor Redman (Folivox) explained in detail how a successful podcast production can look like.

nxtB:now Racism in the music business

Workshop on July 8 2020, with speakers: Achan Malonda, Kerstin Meißner, Nadia Says, Sarah Farina and Pamela Owusu-Brenyah

nxtB:now “Zukunftsmusik”

This news entry is only available in German. Please see German site for full description: nxtB:now “Zukunftsmusik 2020 – Start mit der Jugend ins neue Jahr”