Working Group Sustainability

In cooperation with the Senate of Economics, various members of the Berlin Music Commission have brought together a group of representatives from the fields of business, events and education in 2019 and formed a Sustainability Working Group, which will pursue the topic in the long term.

This working group offers advice and recommendations on sustainability for all music players in Berlin and is aimed at players in the music industry who are willing to actively promote the implementation of sustainability practices in their day-to-day business. We want to offer insights and information about sustainability activities in the music industry and work together on sustainable structures.
In view of the increasingly dramatic impact (also) of the music industry on climate change and the conditions for resources, we feel compelled to also hold large and small music events accountable and to encourage them to rethink and ultimately to act. We demand from the music events concerned finally a far-reaching conversion of production to sustainable measures before climate change can no longer be stopped.
Music production and consumption have a responsibility for the consequences of our actions. The first steps have already been taken, but far from enough. In strong cooperation with various actors of the music industry, we strive for entrepreneurial transformation and reorientation and are happy to assist in an advisory capacity.


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Nicole Wuttke – mediapool

Nicole Wuttke is an engineer, consultant and founding member of BMC’s ak:n and has been involved in various projects in music, politics and culture for 15 years. Nicole is a lecturer in theater and event management at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and heads the Sustainable Event Management and Conception departments at mediapool. In January 2021, mediapool became the first company nationwide to be system-certified according to DIN ISO 20121, the international standard for sustainable event management, and has since been setting standards in the implementation of sustainable management and production systems in the event industry.

Mauricio Lizarazo Prada – Pachamama Culture

Mauricio Lizarazo Prada is the founder of Pachamama Culture, a sustainability-oriented, international project with social responsibility, focused on tour management, live-music production, and promoting bands and solo artists. He has produced and organised tours and concerts for Ohrbooten, Lola Marsh, Acollective, Attaque77, Nosoyo, Garden City Movement, Outernational, Panteón Rococó, Culcha Candela, Chico Trujillo, Systema Solar, Toto La Momposina, El Sie7e, Grupo Niche, a.o.

Birte Jung – Transformation Manager for Sustainable Culture

Dr.-Ing. Birte Jung has been researching and consulting on the sustainability of events and culture with a focus on public space for over 10 years. Since 2019, she has been advising the Fête de la Musique Berlin on sustainability and is a signatory of the Green Deal. She is co-author of the action guide for climate-neutral events in Berlin. On behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection, Birte led the project “Kultur im Grünen” from 2020 to 2021: Overall Urban Negotiation Process and developed solutions for an open space compatible culture in public space together with administration and cultural professionals. Since the beginning of 2022, she has been an IHK-certified transformation manager for sustainable culture and media.

Guidelines for a sustainable event industry, music and creative industries

note: all guidelines are in German language; English ones will be added soon

These projects and initiatives are already doing something for change:


A Greener Festival is a not-for-profit company, committed to helping events, festivals and venues around the world to become more sustainable and to reduce environmental impacts. As pioneers in event sustainability since the first research in 2005, AGF provide certification, training, expertise, and facilitate the exchange of best practice.


Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit is a cross-sectoral contact point for the topic of operational ecology in the field of culture and media. Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, pilot projects are initiated, accompanied, documented and communicated.


The Green Club Index pilot project is the first national project on energy efficiency in the club sector. The aim is to finally tap the enormous climate protection potential in this area.


Green Events Hamburg (GEHH) is an open, participatory network that promotes the sustainable orientation of events, whether in the field of sports, entertainment, education, music, theater or assembly. To achieve this goal, GEHH brings together stakeholders from public administration, business, and civil society and works with them to develop practical responses to industry-specific challenges, such as waste, energy consumption, mobility and logistics, and social participation. GEHH operates an online information portal ( for event organizers and other interested parties who want to implement ecologically sustainable (“green”) events in Hamburg, and regularly invites to networking events. GEHH is a project of the Grüner Wirtschaftsrat e.V. association. The Grüner Wirtschaftsrat is committed to sustainable entrepreneurship in Hamburg.


The Green Music Initiative serves as a platform for promoting a climate-friendly music and entertainment industry. In close cooperation with renowned scientific institutes, stakeholders and well-known artists, reduction strategies are implemented in an exemplary manner. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impacts in all areas.


We at the Green Touring Network have made it our mission to support artists and players in the music industry in making an active contribution to environmental protection. Together we want to make a difference in the industry and develop it into a more sustainable and future-proof industry.


Höme is for everyone who loves, discovers and creates festivals. We live for the ideas that make work easier for the people behind the stages and change the festival world in the long term. We make festivals discoverable, develop technologies together with those who use them, stimulate knowledge exchange and bring people together. We also believe that the music industry and especially festivals need to be part of the change and sustainability needs to be an integral part of their work: Because festivals and music can change society. Because festival organizers should make use of their role and access to thousands of fans. Because each of us has a part to play in ensuring that our industry has a future.


Music Declares Emergency is a group of artists, music industry professionals and organisations that stand together to declare a climate and ecological emergency and call for an immediate governmental response to protect all life on Earth. We believe in the power of music to promote the cultural change needed to create a better future.


Our common goal is to become active as musicians for climate and nature protection. We want to deal with the climate crisis in unusual concert formats. The emotional power of music is the medium for us to reach and inspire people.


Pachamama Culture has been founded in Berlin focusing on the integration of Alternative music and culture across European and American markets. Since 2004 Mauricio Lizarazo Prada has artistically produced and managed different music bands and creative projects. Pachamama Culture started primarily as a Live-Music production project and has developed into a sustainable venture, including production, tour management and booking with social responsibility.


The Changency stands for empowerment and enthusiasm. We want to be the catalyst for change towards a climate-friendly and sustainable music industry. Our vision is to be part of the best party in town: a party that manages to combine the passion and radiance of music with a better, more equitable way of life for all. A sustainability that is fun, offers opportunities and shows solutions through creative ideas. Motivation instead of resignation is our motto!

Award for sustainability at the listen to berlin: Awards

Every year, the Berlin Music Commission presents the sustainability award at the listen to berlin: Awards. The prize is awarded to a person, a company or an initiative that has made a sustainable contribution to a “greener” Berlin music landscape through particularly ecological actions. Website

Tips for artists and bands


The own rider is the first clue to a sustainable appearance and will also make organizers rethink. We have collected some tips that you can adopt for yourself:

  1. Regional (Vegan) Catering. Food and drinks in organic quality from the surrounding area, from local suppliers. Preferably all organic products, if possible regional and seasonal.
  2. No plastic. Points out to avoid unnecessary packaging, as well as disposable plastic products and instead use reusable or products made from renewable resources. This applies to catering, tableware, as well as bottles on stage. Please preferably use reusable tableware and no plastic. On stage: 10 x bottles of mineral water in reusable bottles or water refill station behind the stage. Thank you!
  3. Eco-power. Politely advises the:organizer:in to check with his:her local energy provider to save money and resources for the planet. We prefer and encourage venues to use green power from renewable energy sources to power our show. 

To emphasize the relevance of these points and that nothing is overlooked it is helpful to repeat individual sections, announce them with “Please note/Please note” and mark them in bold.


Ever thought about the working conditions, materials and environmental impact behind your merchandise? These suppliers focus on production within Europe under fair conditions and with sustainable materials:

Das Merch.

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