Music Ambassador’s 2023

Berlin international

As part of the Music Ambassador program, we commission Berlin-based players in the music industry to present Berlin as a location for business both inland and abroad to establish sustainable networks. Until June 30, 2023 there was the possibility to apply as a Music Ambassador*in at the Berlin Music Commission (BMC) and after acceptance to receive a part of the travel expenses for the project period July 01, 2023 to November 30, 2023. The Travel Grant Program was announced for the eighth time in 2023. The ambassadors were selected by the jury, which was composed as follows: Björn Krass-Koenitz x (Lecturer in music journalism, ua. SRH Berlin), Chi-Thien Nguyen x (Suol Records, Executive Producer ARTE Concerts), Ima Johnen x (Musicologist & Riverside Studios), Adele Vosper x (Strawberry Curl), Aisling Brouwer x (Composer | Producer | Artist: Aisling Brouwer, AVAWAVES).

The following 13 individuals will receive a travel grant between July 2023 and November 2023.:

  • Christopher Loy ( freelance musician/ artist) – Toulouse, France / R&B Concrete Workshop Program with Actress
  • Alexander Dommisch (Waterfall Records, Inhaber) – Los Angeles & Encinitas (San Diego), USA / Geschäftsanbahnung, Netzwerk, Akquise, Promotion
  • Antonio Cárdenas (Heartfelt Management, Artist Manager) – Bilbao, Spain. / Attend the BIMM professional conference.
  • Ludwig Graf Westarp (SKARO Records, Gründer und Inhaber) – Bukarest, Romania / Sustainable networking of music actors Berlin & Bucharest with a focus on organizations.
  • Helena Tsiflidis (Piranha Arts / WOMEX – Head of Production) – Montréal, Kanada / Teilnahme an Mundial Montréal
  • Manuela van den Broeck (Founder & Project Manager for Besares Berlin) – Buenos Aires, Argentina / To establish present Besares Berlin in an event at Fundación Besares
  • Roman – Janos Ernsest Fridtjof Benedikt Gülker (pøj pøj | Booking Agent) – Istanbul, Turkey / Istanbul Jazz Fest
  • Evyonne Muhuri & Marit Posch (Makakali, Founder, Music Industry freelancer) – Saint Denis, La Reunion / Les Electropicales, Saint Denis, La Reunion
  • Diego Hernandez (Record Label, Label Manager and Cultural Curator) – Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo / Bridging the Afrolatin diaspora in the Colombian coast with the Congo (Kinshasa)
  • Basile Monsacré (Sound Metaphors, Store Manager) – Karlstad, Sweden / Hybrida Fest
  • Benjamin Ruby (Maury111, artist) – Karlstad, Sweden / Concert at the festival Hybrida

The project promotes the international networking of Berlin’s players and strengthens the internationalization of Berlin’s music industry as a whole. It helps individual players as well as small and medium-sized enterprises to establish contacts in the international music business and thus promotes their growth into healthy economic enterprises with high sustainability. A Music Ambassador has the task of representing Berlin as a music location. The program is specifically aimed at projects that generate coordinated knowledge and experience transfer between Berlin and other music locations and promote networking with other music locations. One focus is on network exchange and cooperation between music networks. Preference will be given to joint projects, joint conference projects and delegation trips. Activities for the initiation and preparation of such projects would also be recognized.


Folgende Karte veranschaulicht euch, wo unsere diesjährigen Music Ambassadoren hinreisen werden und welche Veranstaltung sie besuchen haben. Bitte klickt dafür auf den Ort.

Das Music Ambassador Programm wird im Auftrag der Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe durchgeführt.