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Are you ready for new insights and challenges? Are you interested in traveling, visiting international festivals and promoting Berlin’s international network?

The Music Ambassador Program of the Berlin Music Commission has been in operation for ten years and will be re-opened for applications for a second funding round in 2024. Through a new cooperation with Musicboard Berlin, this call can expand the program’s target group as part of a pilot project: For the first time, Berlin musicians from the pop culture sector can apply for the program in addition to Berlin music business professionals. Another new feature of the program is that applications are now open to teams of musicians and music professionals.

The Music Ambassador Program is aimed at Berlin-based music business professionals and musicians who want to represent Berlin abroad and build sustainable networks. The focus is on the international networking of the participants and the presentation of Berlin’s broad musical spectrum worldwide. In particular, the program will support projects that foster the coordinated transfer of knowledge and experience between the various music locations and that promote sustainable networking. New artistic or professional collaborations should lead to the development or strengthening of networks from all over the world to and with Berlin.

The Berlin Music Commission and Musicboard Berlin want to make the program as accessible as possible for the entire music value chain (professionals and musicians) and reflect the diversity of Berlin’s music industry and scene. If you have further questions regarding the accessibility of the program, please contact (Tim Joppien).

Apply till July 25! We are looking forward to your submissions. 

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The target group

Our program is aimed at all active participants in the Berlin music scene – from artists setting up creative or commercial cooperation projects to professional music  business professionals such as labels, publishers, booking agencies and management.

Overall information:

The Music Ambassador Programme promotes the international networking of Berlin’s music business and musicians and strengthens the internationalisation of the Berlin music scene and the city’s economic standing overall.

Funding is provided for travel projects abroad by Berlin music business professionals and musicians. Network exchange and cooperation between music networks is a key focus. Preference is given to cooperation projects, joint conference projects and delegation trips. Funding can also be provided for trips to explore the market or for artistic and professional collaborations. Activities to initiate and prepare such projects are also eligible for support. Tour-only projects (support or headliner tours) are excluded. A Music Ambassador is tasked with representing Berlin internationally as a music location and submitting a short report and the results of the trip following their travel.

Application criteria & advice

  1. Natural person (individual) or legal entity (ie., company or association) are eligible to apply. The target group includes Berlin-based participants of the entire music value chain (professionals and musicians). The program is intended to help individuals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises to establish contacts in the international music business and thus to sustainably promote their growth.
  2. Musicians can apply alone or together with a music business professional from their Berlin team (e.g. their management, label, agency, publisher). In the case of a team application, the musician is considered the primary applicant.Pop musicians that work professionally and rely on their own musical material are eligible to apply. The term »pop music« refers to all genres of popular music as well as cross-genre or experimental pop music that cannot be clearly assigned to the categories of jazz or classical and new music.
  3. Applicants must have their registered office or place of residence in Berlin.
  4. Only one project per applicant/company will be funded.
    Cooperation between different companies is possible, one application per person/company is required.
  5. The trip must take place between 1 September 2024 and 15 December 2024. Trips outside of this period cannot be considered.
  6. Accounts for the trip must be submitted by two weeks after the trip, but no later than 19 December 2024.

If a destination is revisited, new criteria and approaches need to be listed in emphasising its sustainable nature. A focus is given to less established, not regularly visited events & markets

Application process

  1. The application must be submitted via the digital application form by 25 July 2024, 23:59 at the latest. Applicants will receive an automated confirmation of submission. Applications sent by post or email cannot be considered. If technical problems occur during submission, please take a screenshot and notify us immediately by email to:
    The link to the application form and the template for the cost breakdown are available on the website of the Berlin Music Commission.
  2. The following points are asked for in the application form:
    • Business details & brief description or musician’s name and bio
    • Website or social media of company/musician + link to music
    • Have you had an Music Ambassador application approved before?
      If yes, when?
    • Destination, travel dates (from-to), travel distance and occasion of the trip
    • Initial situation, motivation and objectives (max. 1,000 characters)
    • Contribution of the trip to the sustainable networking of Berlin (max. 1,000
    • Realisation & expected results (max. 1,000 characters)
    • Total costs and amount of the requested travel grant
    • Upload a detailed cost breakdown (xls/xlsx)
    • Voluntary information about your social positioning and identity and associated support requirements for funding / project implementation.
    • Why should you be appointed as Music Ambassador? (max. 2 sentences)

There is no right to a grant towards the costs. The call for applications is subject to the availability of budget funds. The decision is made by a jury of the Board of Trustees of the Berlin Music Commission and by Musicboard Berlin. Members of the jury or employees of the Berlin Music Commission or Musicboard Berlin and their dependents are not eligible for funding.

Financial Details & Conditions

  1. There is no minimum or maximum application amount, but there must be an own contribution and/or third-party funding, as this programme can only provide a contribution towards costs. Once the amount has been set in the jury meeting, it will not be changed (fixed amount).
  2. The following expenses are eligible to be applied for:
    Travel and accommodation costs, admissions as well as fees for trade fairs, conferences, events or market development programmes, participation fees for creative programmes. This list may be extended in individual cases. The maximum rates of the Federal Travel Expenses Act and the Foreign Travel Expenses Ordinance must be observed; in particular for hotel bookings in the destination country.
  3. The following items are not eligible: communication costs, fees from third parties, catering and hospitality expenses. Likewise, corresponding lump sums (per diems) are not eligible for funding under this programme.
  4. The Music Ambassador Programme cannot contribute to proposals that include other state funds of Berlin. However, it can be combined with federal funds (e.g. GO! Export of the Initiative Musik).
  5. If certain costs are covered by third parties or if further funding is requested from other sources, this must be indicated in the application.

Schedule / Accounting / Documentation

  1. Following the jury meeting, the applicants will receive information about the decision. The selected Ambassadors will receive an agreement including the destination & travel dates and the amount of the grant (net).
  2. The Ambassadors will be given networking assignments for the trip. They will receive these by means of the above-mentioned agreement.
  3. The Music Ambassadors undertakes to comply with the Code of Conduct set out by Berlin Music Commission and is aware that breaches of this Code shall have consequences that may extend to termination of the contractual relationship.
    The current Code of Conduct is updated regularly and the current version can be accessed on the BMC website. It will be handed out to the ambassadors alongside the agreement via email.
  4. The Ambassadors are obliged to participate in a preparation and feedback meeting.
    They can also take part in Berlin Outbound on 28.08.2024, a new platform of Musicboard Berlin for the internationalization and qualification of the Berlin music scene (participation optional, interest can be expressed in the application).
  5. Payment will only be made after the agreement has been signed, after the trip has been completed and only after all required documents have been submitted in full:
    • A short report (1-2 pages), photos and proof of contacts made must be submitted within two weeks after returning from the trip.
    • The agreed grant will be paid out after proper invoicing. All costs actually incurred must be substantiated by receipts.
  6. Use the hashtag #berlinmusicambassadors when documenting the trip on social media. Please tag the social media accounts of the Berlin Music Commission and Musicboard Berlin.
  7. The ambassadors agree to act as contacts for Berlin-based companies and musicians interested in the travel destination. Upon request, they will share their expertise for future internationalisation projects and advise on the peculiarities of the respective market.


We will publish frequently asked questions and answers about the Music Ambassador project here. If you have any questions, please contact us via email: musicambassador[at]

The Music Ambassador Program is run on behalf and funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises.

As part of a cooperation with Musicboard Berlin, the programme is being opened up to musicians and their professional teams.


The following map shows you where our Music Ambassadors have already travelled to and which events they have attended. Please click on the location.