The Hybrid Music Lab examines current digital developments at the intersection of music and technology.

In the form of interdisciplinary experimental workshops (so-called labs), the Hybrid Music Lab sheds light on forward-looking and current developments in the digital field, at the interface between music and technology. The aim is to sustainably network pioneers, movers and shakers and visionaries from both disciplines – technology and music – and to encourage them to work together on joint projects.

We work along five major themes:

Big Data
The music business can no longer ignore the increasing influence of big data. We’re talking Blockchain Technology, MIR (Music Information Retrieval), analysis software, new sensory tools, data-driven apps for event organizers and more.

Artificial Intelligence
Not just something out of a Steven Spielberg movie. Let’s take a look at learning systems in the field of music such as Generative Audio, smart tools for audio composition, arranging or editing, artist spotting tools, A&R assistants, chatbots and Co.

Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality
Daft who?! If you want to develop a VRMI (Virtual Reality Musical Instrument), record a Mixed Reality DJ set or test Augmented Reality marketing tools on Facebook Stories, you might want to bring your smartphone along to this one.

Sustainable Music Business
We’re talking sustainability. Join us in determining and developing innovative models and investigating issues of sustainability along the music industry’s entire value chain. This is as much about the contents of your fridge as it is about human resource policy, re- and upcycling, energy, water and innovative event concepts. You name it.

The Digital Club
You may have noticed a certain ongoing digital transformation in clubs and music venues. So this is all about process optimization in booking, ticketing and administration as well as about light, sound, electricity and the digital game of emotions.

Past Events

  • October 27: Hybrid Music Lab @ MW:M 2021
  • 02.-04. Mai 2018: HML @ re:publica 18
  • 24. Mai 2018: Project completion MUWISTAR
  • 15. Juni 2018: Hybrid Music Lab Session AI created music for games and film
  • Kick-off Hybrid Music Lab 2017
  • Hybrid Music Lab 2016