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Turning tables is a non-profit organization working to empower socially, economically and politically marginalized youth in different global contexts by providing them with the means to express their hopes, dreams and challenges, through the Arts of music and film production. We are rooted in empowering youth, by youth, for youth in order to amplify their voices on issues that concern them. We build creative environments for learning new skills and sharing experiences to facilitate opportunities to pursue a better tomorrow.

Turning Tables’ product- based approach is designed to strengthen networks and build bridges within and outside communities. Building and designing products reduces distances between people while working towards a common goal.The process also promotes a technical skill building capacity in an open space from where youth can self-reflect and advocate for change through their products. Through our programmes, the youth embark on a multi leveled process where they are able to interact with peers and mentors. The process creates an opportunity to develop character skills by supporting one another, through youth-to-youth communication, positive role-modeling and preventing negative coping mechanisms, improving networking capacity, building connectors, accessing resources and contributing towards social cohesion within their given context. Since 2009, Turning Tables has established independently operational country offices working with youth in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Lebanon, Jordan, Myanmar and Kenya.

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