The ORWOhaus formerly was a magnetic tape and film factory of Eastern Germany’s “Original Wolfen” (ORWO). Over the last 6 years, the association ORWOhaus e.V. turned it into what is now the largest music rehearsal center in all of Europe.

Some 200 bands now share over a hundred rehearsal rooms. 1000 of the 4800m2 are rented to various providers of music related services such as recording studios, tourvan or PA rental companies. The building still has open spaces to be restored and converted.

The non profit association ORWOhaus e.V. owns and operates the building. In addition to offering musicians cost-friendly rehearsal spaces and band related services, the ORWOhaus regularly coordinates concerts throughout Berlin and hosts a yearly festival which takes place both inside and outside of the ORWOhaus.

The ORWOhaus isn’t meant to be a homogeneous music community but tries to gather and create the best conditions for making music in a professional manner and to be an attractive and unique contact point for any musician passing by.

Still, while officially renaming our street “Frank Zappa Strasse”, we sent out a clear signal: we stand for good independent music, for a free musical culture and will always make sure that good music pays!

Musikfabrik ORWOhaus
FrankZappaStraße 19
12681 Berlin

T +49 (0)30 32 53 34 14
F +49 (0)30 32 53 34 15

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