Global Music Academy


The Global Music Academy (GMA) is an international education institution in Berlin devoted to the diversity and creativity of musical expressions which form the basis of the cultural heritage of mankind.

Since 2008 the GMA has been developing professional music training programs with a growing number of international partners focusing on the music cultures of the countries involved. The innovative new curricula and training methods developed follow the migration and interaction of these music cultures allowing young musicians to access, celebrate and re-interpret their rich musical heritage. At the same time the initiative seeks to overcome the traditional boundaries between different music cultures in the context of a global and digital world.

In Berlin the GMA is committed to expanding the cultural perception of, and reception for, the diversity of musical expressions in today’s urban society a) through the Global Music School which offers a diverse program of courses, private lessons and workshops in music from around the globe; b) through a Professional Music Program for musicians in Berlin and in Germany drawing on the results of the international cooperation and networking and offering workshops and master-classes in co-operation with renowned musicians living in the city; c) through the initiative to develop a new four year bachelor degree program attracting music students from around the world to study in Berlin. To this end the curricula offering three different Bachelors degrees focused on the music cultures of the world are in an advanced stage of development.

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