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The Meisel Group of Companies belongs to the leading independent music publishing companies in Germany. Founded in 1926, the publishing house is still in family property.
The company name “Meisel Group of Companies” cannot be found in any official register. It is more a genus standing for several publishers, areas and activities within the Meisel group of companies. The Repertoire of the Meisel Group of Companies includes about 50.000 songs of different genres and eras.

Characteristic of the Meisel publishing house are its longtime experience and successful relations to authors, producers, artists and national and international publishers.
You can always rely on the high quality competence of advice and a team, that’s always on the spot with words and deeds.

The Meisel publishing house is also operating in the field of music production. Co-working with the Hansa recording studios, founded in 1964, high quality productions are warranted.
The focus concentrates on the production and development of new and label-owned artists, as well as on the realization of commissioned productions.

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