Berliner Jazztreff

Berlin is one of the most important Metropolises for jazz music in Europe and is a magnet for jazz musicians in the whole world. The diverse and lively Jazz scene is generated by excellent community and public schools, secondary schools and the Berlin Jazz Institute.

This unique jazz culture is annually featured in a special Autumn event called the Berliner Jazztreff. Children, teenagers, and young adults present the fruits of their musical labor in front of a live audience. A host of jazz -scene experts and critics are on hand to give advice and feedback to interested artists. Distinguished oustanding amateur bands and artists will receive prizes and developmental funding.

Invitations are sent out in the early spring and all interested artists can register online on the Landesmusikrat Berlin website. The Landesmusikrat has a special-interest Jazz board that deliberates over and advises the invitation process, event planning, and the goals of the Berliner Jazztreff.

The Berliner Jazztreff is an all generation inclusive project of the Landesmusikrat that concentrates its efforts and funding on the jazz training for children, teenagers, and young adults. Through this office these prospective talents are exposed to a network of experienced and novice jazz musicians. Since 2004 the Landesmusikrat has combined the Landeswettbewerb (State Competition) ‘ Jugend Jazzt’ with the Berliner Jazztreff. The winner of the State Competition will represent Berlin in the National competition held the following year.

The Berliner Jazztreff is in conjunction with other Landesmusikrat projects such as the State Youth Orchestra, the Berliner Youth Jazz Orchestra, or the Berliner Choir Meeting.
The Berliner Jazztreff is a part of the umbrella corporation of the reigning mayor’s office and is funded by the State Senate Department of Cultural Opportunities.

The Goals of the Berliner Jazztreff are as follows:

  • The reinforcement and support of the musical training and practice for children, teenagers, and young adults.
  • To provide a forum where amateur jazz musicians can meet seasoned and successful musicians
  • To provide incentive for jazz musicians and musical groups to reflect over and further develop their musical skills and talents
  • To publicly present the development of the diverse jazz music scene in Berlin

Berliner Jazztreff mit Jugend jazzt
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