As a music publishing company we have focused on supervising and sync licensing. In the broadest sense we endorse and catalyze anything that connects music with brands and moving images.

Initially, we have started our business on classic Artist Management. International acts such as Helloween, Art Garfunkel and Alexander O’Neall  artists, but also national ones like Nino de Angelo benefit from our services on management issues and in strategic consulting. The latter we do not only offer for artists, but also for companies of all walks of the creative industries.

Last but not least, we do not have only a GEMA direct membership for Germany, but also with SUISA (Switzerland) and also in the Austromechanica (Austria) so that we can collect royalties for our authors much faster than it is possible via the foreign settlement of GEMA, which both, our foreign original publishers, we sub-publish as well as our domestic authors, benefit from.

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