Music Ambassodor – Market Insights: Czech Republic

Music Ambassador – Market Insights: Czech Republic

MW:M Live 2021: Back to live with 15 artists, three venues, and one highly influential music industry audience

MW:M Live 2021 is the third iteration of Most Wanted: Music’s showcase event, where 15 bands and solo artists from Europe will present themselves to a top-class professional audience. The artists are selected from across Germany – with a special focus on the federal state of Niedersachsen – as well as Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Belgium.

Most Wanted: Music 2021 – Programme Announcement

Plans of the Berlin Parties for the Berlin Music Industry: Answers to the “Wahlprüfsteine”

What are the plans of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, CDU, DIE LINKE, FDP & SPD for Berlin’s music and creative industries in the next legislative period? The answers to the “Wahlprüfsteine” for the election to the 19th Berlin House of Representatives 2021.

Most Wanted: Music 2021 – Changes in Berlin

Most Wanted: Music 2021 #change – 26-28. October Kulturbrauerei and online

Call for nominations ltb:Awards

Corona 2021: Funding Programmes & Deadlines

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Information on the new Corona Regulation

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GEMA: Regulations for royalties 2020 & 2021

GEMA will continue to apply the regulations for officially ordered closures in 2021 until further notice. Applications for credits for 2020 must be submitted by 14 April.