Making young people and their great potential audible and opening up professional and artistic perspectives



To make young people and their great potential audible and to open up professional and artistic perspectives: That is the goal of LISTEN TO BERLIN: YOUTH.

Based on the task assigned to us by the industry of placing young talent in the industry and developing an infrastructure for this, one focus of BMC’s work in 2024 is on promoting young musicians. With LISTEN TO BERLIN: YOUTH, we have developed our own format for the promotion of young musicians, which – in cooperation with Berlin’s youth culture centers and other actors in youth culture work – combines different fields of practice.

During the year, BMC will promote youth showcases as satellite events in June, July, September and October 2024, which will take place at our cooperating youth cultural centers. These events are co-organized by young people, so that the focus is not only on promoting musicality, but also on gaining experience in event management.

The highlight is our LISTEN TO BERLIN: YOUTH festival with summit and showcase for young people aged 14 to 25. This will take place on 13.11.2024 to accompany Most Wanted: Music and is intended to contribute to career orientation in the music industry with workshops and panels as well as offer youth bands a stage on which they can present their artistic and creative qualities to a diverse audience.

Every year, the BMC publishes the LISTEN TO BERLIN: COMPILATION to showcase the sound of Berlin’s music cultures. To ensure that youth culture is also heard, the BMC is once again reserving two slots on this year’s compilation for songs by young musicians aged 14-21 (the average age applies to bands). At the LISTEN TO BERLIN: AWARDS show, the best song submission will have the chance to win the Youth Award.

Click here for the call for LISTEN TO BERLIN: COMPILATION: 2024/25

At LISTEN TO BERLIN: LIVE – the new showcase platform, not only the more established but also the young artists who have made it onto the LISTEN TO BERLIN: COMPILATION have the chance to perform during the year.

In contrast to formats that exude a rather elitist, exclusive attitude, the Berlin Music Commission builds on openness, accessibility and youth affinity in its projects. The aim is to network actors from cultural youth work and the music industry, to involve young people and to establish a broader understanding of professional and artistic facets of modern music production.

Cooperating youth cultural centers and associations:

Haus der Jugend Steglitz
M24 – Your youth club, Pankow
Königstadt Youth Cultural Center, Prenzlauer Berg
Die Weisse Rose, Schöneberg
Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Pop (LAG Pop) I Metronom, Reinickendorf
Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung e.V. (LKJ) and the JuKuBi network (youth cultural centers in district educational networks)

Information on all dates and satellite events at cooperating youth centers will be announced on our LISTEN TO BERLIN social media channels. Follow us here




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